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Ditching the Dream

This book was written for people who want to be courageous enough to get to the end of their lives and look back with satisfaction because they lived on their terms -- even if no one else around them understood.

‚ÄčThis book was written for you if:

  • You want to go from stressed and frustrated to clearly knowing what it is you want and trusting yourself to take the next steps towards it.

  • You are ready to uncover and let go of what you were taught to want in your life and lean into what you really want (even if it disappoints others) so you stop disappointing yourself

  • You know it's time to become so solid in your ability to allow yourself to enjoy life that you are unshakeable. 

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We are all on our own journey.

We have different experiences and come from different places.

When you don’t feel good enough, you will not be able to achieve what you want in your life because you don’t feel worthy.  

My ‘not enough-ness” showed up in my life in the following ways: being a workaholic, not using my voice in my marriage, resentment, people-pleasing, feeling stressed all the time, not being present, micromanaging at work, taking pills to sleep, drinking wine regularly to relax.

No matter how hard I worked and achieved nothing made me feel better. I had read the books and gone to the seminars. I wore the right clothes, drove the nice car, and had checked the boxes of society’s prescribed life but I was empty inside. My marriage was disconnected and I felt like I barely knew my kids.

Sound familiar?

Here's how I turned it around

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